Garfield and Friends


  • The Garfield Rap - The one-and-only Garfield rap - 6 minutes long!
  • Twice Told Tale - What happens when a tale is told twice? Happens in all our daily lives.
  • Video Airlines - "No, you're not Salvia, you're one of the Kung Fu Creatures of the Rampage! " Best quotation ever.
  • The Garfield Opera - The one-and-only Garfield opera - 7 minutes long! (Wait a sec, I though I've heard about this somewhere before…?)
  • Weighty Problem - Typical Garfield storyline about diet.
  • Hansel and Garfield - Typical Garfield child tale. The witch is cute(?).
  • Brain Boy - Garfield vs typical naughty boy. Those stupid ginger kids.
  • Good Cat Bad Cat - Should Garfield be educational or not?
  • Sludge Monster - Is Odie smart or not?
  • Magic Mutt - "The incredible disappearing sandwich trick!"

Garfield Quickie

Orson's Farm Quickie

  • Deja Vu - The end of the last Garfield episode is for some reference.

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