Basic Wiki Editing Toturial

As you can see, the intruder is using a mysterious operation system which shines a strange dark figure. However, you can do the same thing as he did to HACK THIS FREAKY SITE!

(How to read: read the title, check the screenshot, read the notes below it.)

Scroll down the page until you see the link 'edit'.

  • The 'edit' link is in the last line of the frame, as you can see. And…
  • Other than 'edit', you can do various things as rating this page, adding tags, etc.

Yes, you are editing! Adding whatever you like! But what's that strange bracket?

  • You can edit the page content in the edit box.
  • There are some format syntax. Check the wiki syntax page for details.
  • You can also use the buttons above the edit box to do some edit-the-way-you-see GUI job.
  • But basic knowledge wiki syntax is still needed. For example, three pairs of square brackets means there will be a link.
  • A link can link to any existing pages - even they may not exist now! You can see it later.
  • Why adding 'english:' before the link? Please always add this to your new-created links, or you'll find chinese-english hybrid menu and sidebar, which is not recommended.

Anonymous editing now! Add some description of changes!

  • Description changes stands for tech terms like 'time machine', 'previous version', 'revision history'… and 'snatch'.
  • Your IP will be displayed as an honored hacker.
  • Press the 'save' button to save, 'cancel' to cancel, etc.

This site is HACKED!

  • As you can see, the 'This site is HACKED' is more than raw text: it's a link.
  • What happens if you click it?

Creating new page?

  • Yes, that is because the page named 'english:this-site-is-hacked' does not exist.
  • Feel free to click the 'create page' link to start editing the new page.

Yes I'm editing again! But what are those black buttons above the edit box?

  • Do it yourself. You'll like those small black buttons - float your mouse cursor on it to check its function.
  • You can edit the page title as well.
  • The last 3 lines are from template. Leave them alone so that back links will be created automatically.
  • Again, ADD PREFIX 'english:' IF YOU WANT A NEW PAGE! Or you will not be able to edit the new page!
  • A pairs of square brackets means it's an external link. Check the screenshot below to see the result.
  • The star sign means the link will be opened in a new page. Check all the wiki syntax if you wanna be a pro!

Editing finished!


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